Aims and Scope


The development and expansion of medical and biological sciences has raised many questions in various fields of human and social sciences such as ethics, law, psychology, sociology and economics. Attempts to answer the questions and challenges besides resolving the generated normative problems have erected the framework of interdisciplinary knowledge of law and biomedical ethics. Since topics concerned with interdisciplinary knowledge have quickly entered our collective life, a rigorous and comprehensive research, thought and investigation seems to be necessary to be done on the points at issue. Accordingly, Iranian Journal of Biomedical Law and Ethics (IJBMLE) is going to accomplish below objectives by publishing well-documented and original papers:

  1. Providing awareness for professionals of the related fields about the concepts, questions, legal and ethical concerns arising from the development and evolution of science and biotechnology;

  2. Obliterating the interdisciplinary gaps by providing opportunity for publishing interdisciplinary articles;

  3. Propounding recent topics in the field and cutting edge developments

  4. Localizing the issues and ideas of ethics and law in biomedicine with respect to prevalent problems and parallel conditions worldwide in terms of documented analytical and theoretical perspectives.


Our scope

The journal publishes articles that address ethical and legal issues arising from the evolution and development of biomedicine and technology. For instance, some typical examples of favored topics are listed below

  1. Law and fertility ethics

  2. Law and ethics in nanotechnology

  3. Law and genetics

  4. Law and ethics in neuroscience

  5. Law and environmental ethics

  6. Ethics in biomedicine

  7. Intellectual property in biomedicine

  8. Insurance ethics in biomedicine

  9. Religion and bioethics

  10. Biopolitics

  11. Economics and biomedicine